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A Fahad Fasil film is Ranjan's recommendation this week.

This is quite a bewildering narrative in the sense that it packs in several stories that are woven around a main plot involving a character called Pachu (Fahadh Fasil in a winsome role) who is entrusted with the responsibility of accompanying an old woman (debutant Viji Venkatesh) from Kerala to Mumbai where he works as an ayurveda pharmacist. The lady disappears in a Goan town and Panchu finds himself, in a major plot twist, trying to rescue an underprivileged adolescent girl from Goa and bring her to Mumbai. Caught up in a maze of adventures involving attacks by local goons who try to prevent him for reasons that are explained through flashbacks, the film also manages to weave in a delectable love story between Fahadh Fasil and a gorgeous Anjana Jayaprakash. Masterfully juggling all the pieces, the film never loses sight of its central objective. Ably written, edited and directed by Akhil Sathyan – PACHUVUM ATHBUTHA VILAKKUM (2023, Malayalam) is a robust narrative full of action and comedy – and a delightful watch.

Streaming on Prime Video.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmakr & faculty

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