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The Chosen Path: Eric Iglesias's debut feature looks at the choice between the clinic and the church

The logline for the film:

"A conservative girl will have to make choices about her faith, beliefs and friendships after discovering an unwanted pregnancy that will make her question the world she lives in."


"A young conservative Christian, Diana, has lived her life in a belief system that has given her comfort, security, and community, keeping her “safe and pure.” Drugged, raped, and pregnant, she faces a moral dilemma. Her rigidly judgmental cult will banish her if she has an abortion. But she is no longer “pure”; she is unmarriageable. Shamed, she has experienced a deep and irreversible challenge to her belief system. She must choose her path—the cross or the clinic. So begins her journey.

"THE CHOSEN PATH" is a tale of two cities: Salt Lake City, Diana’s home and the base of her fundamentalist community, and its evil twin, Las Vegas, where the sinners and outcasts live. She sets her beat-up Honda Civic’s odometer to zero, signaling a starting point, and drives south on Interstate 15 from her home toward “Sin City.” The arc of the film takes place in Diana’s mind as she relives, re-evaluates, and re-integrates the traumatic events that set her on this trip, ultimately leading her beyond the clinic towards a previously unimaginable life."

Some of the current festival adventures for the film:

ScreenATX (Austin, TX): Honorable Mention: Nominee: Best Sound Track - Composer: Sergei Stern

Nominee: Best Cinematography - Cinematographer: Violetta D'agata Nominee: Best Actress - Camila Llano Social World Film Festival (Napoli, Italy):

Inclusion into the Youth Film Market Southeast Regional Film Festival (Jacksonville Florida):

Best film of May Tiete International Film Awards (Sao Paulo Brazil): Nominee: Best Feature Nominee: Best Sound Design Nominee: Best Cinematography Nominee: Best Supporting Actress (Kei'la Ryan) Social Film Awards (Los Angeles, CA):

Awards of Achievement - Best Feature Film Winner: Best Sound Track Los Angeles Film Awards (Los Angeles, CA): Winner: Best Feature Winner: Best Drama Winner: Best Director (Feature) - Eric Iglesias Finalist New York Film Awards

Prague International Film Awards (Prague, Czech Republic): Nominee: Best Picture Nominee: Best Humanitarian Film Winner: Best Trailer Official Selection. Film Festival (London, UK)

Official Trailer:


You can also check on Spotify on this link:

Eric is an independent filmmaker from Panama City. He shuttles between Los Angeles, Europe and Panama City. He is currently busy traveling with this film to various festivals while he plans his next film.

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