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Kauling Cinema: Body double & her corset by Shraddha Kaul

Day time in the actor’s caravan:

Assistant Director (A.D): "Ma’am you are not in the scene today."

Body Double of lead actress: "So when is it happening? I told them I am not available for 10 days."

A.D: "Ma'am they are getting your replacement. Because of...your look. You look a lot more voluptuous than before. ( embarrassed ) Did you get something done to----?"

Body Double: " ---I don't understand. I gave them my vital stats. They know how I look. Shi%$! Gave up another film for this. I had to payback a loan from the money I made from here!"

A.D: "The lead actress has gone a lot skinnier than before. And she'd be wearing a singlet with jeans in the scene."

Body double:(worried) "See, I have this corset with me to make me look more thinner. I will look like her.” ( takes out the corset from her bag )

A.D: "But this kind of a corset will also lift & enhance your already …enhanced…upper ..area…it will be apparent on screen (the A.D makes a lifting gesture with his hands near his chest).. like a sand clock." (embarrassed )

Body Double: "Tell her to wear a size D. Padding is available. We are in a make believe world. This is ridiculous." ( irritated )

A.D : Yes Ma'am we did that and saw it on camera. It doesn't look right.. It looks fake."

Body Double: ( open mouthed and fuming at the turn of events) "I get mine done & SHE looks fake!!?? Are you kidding me!"

Kauling Humor. Humor Kauls You

Shraddha Kaul is a film and television actress in the Bollywood film and TV industry since the last 25 years and has won appreciation and multiple awards for her performance in India, London and Canada. She has seen the filmmaking process up close and personal from her time spent on the sets. Working with man and machine gives her an inside view of what filmmaking is all about. Through her writing, she hopes to capture the life, pathos and humor about the art and heartache of the movie business.

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