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Blow the Man Down from the US is Ranjan's recommendation for the weekend.

Films on small-town crimes have always held a special charm with their quirky characters with disturbed pasts and an atmosphere that underscores deep secrets buried under the seemingly cheery exterior of the locales in which they are set. Writer-director duo Bridget Savage and Danielle Krudy work up the template to create a coming-of-age story of two young sisters mourning the death of their mother who are suddenly involved in covering up an unwitting murder committed by one of the sisters. The setting is a small fishing town; a mortgaged house and a local store inherited by the sisters, and a quaint brothel that caters to local fishermen complete the set up in this twisted tale in which the sisters are confronted with uncomfortable truths about their dead mother and are compelled to make a choice to save their skin at the expense of their honor.

BLOW THE MAN DOWN (2019, US) is quite an interesting film, worth a pleasant weekend viewing. Playing on Amazon Prime.

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