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This weekend Ranjan recommends Lebanese delight: Very Big Shot

The eldest of the three brothers who run a small-time drug business under the guise of a pizza delivery shop ventures into film production when he learns that film cans are spared the routine X-ray checks at airports; he plans to smuggle drugs in the containers and hires a pretentious documentary filmmaker to make a feature film whose script he closely monitors. But apart from the threat of a big drug lord for whom the brothers used to work, the film shoot leads to social tensions because it deals with an inter-religious love affair between a Muslim girl and a Christian boy.

Set in Beirut, this black comedy directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya is as much a political commentary as it is a thriller. Directed with a sure hand in a very naturalistic style, this film also happens to be Lebanon’s official entry at the 89th Academy Awards under the Best Foreign Film category, though it couldn’t make it to the final round.

VERY BIG SHOT (2015) is a delightful watch and is playing on Netflix.

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