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This week Ranjan wants us to check out a Polanski film: Based on a True Story.

An exhausted Delphin faces writer’s block after tasting her first career success with her debut novel. Despite wanting to be left alone, she inadvertently finds herself drawn to the charm of a young woman claiming to be a fan who gradually usurps her life – and a battle of nerves ensues between the two… We are in quintessential Polanski territory: a psychological thriller where the protagonist and the antagonist are pitted against each other in a game of powerplay – but the reality is not always what it looks like…

Adapted from a novel of the same name by popular French contemporary writer – Delphine de Vigan – BASED ON A TRUE STORY (2017) is not amongst Polanski’s better works, but it nevertheless displays the director’s pet obsessions and superb craftsmanship; his use of space is something that few directors can match.

Starring Emmanuelle Signer as the writer and Eva Green as the fan, and co-written by Olivier Assayas along with the director, it is definitely worth a single viewing.

Playing on Amazon Prime.

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