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This week Ranjan recommends Q's Brahman Naman!

Ace quizzers from a Bangalore college compete with quizzers from other cities in national competitions, and you are impressed by the breadth of their knowledge. You also identify with their unbounded, and unrequited carnal drives and their awkward efforts to get into any meaningful relationships

with the other sex.

Qaushiq Mukherjee’s (known as Q) BRAHMAN NAMAN (2016) explores territories with a frankness that may put off a section of the audience – but what sets this film apart from other sex comedies is the element of casteism and social critique that it weaves into the plot. The main protagonist – Naman (played brilliantly by Sashank Arora) views women from the prism of his privileged caste status and is unapologetic about it...

BRAHMAN NAMAN, superbly written by Naman Ramachandran talks about a dumb nation in conflict with itself, trying to negotiate its prejudices and myopia. Set in the pre-liberalised 80s Bangalore, the film resonates so much with contemporary social attitudes, unfortunately.

Streaming on Netflix. Worth it.


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