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The thrill of watching an Egyptian spy is what Ranjan wants you to experience this week.

When Adam, a fisherman’s son gains a scholarship to Cairo’s Al-Azhar University he is delighted; after all, the university is known for its highest standards of Islamic studies. But he is soon recruited as a top-secret government informant to spy on fellow students. As he is gradually sucked into harrowing layers of conspiracies and games played by the unholy nexus of religion and state who seek to upstage its rivals by ruthless manoeuvres and assassinations, Adam realises that his fate hangs in delicate balance, and his faith is challenged.

Veteran Swedish-Egyptian director Tarik Saleh shot the film in Turkey, for obvious reasons, and delivers a stunning political thriller in which ordinary mortals are used as pawns in the larger game of vicious power-play.

Look up CAIRO CONSPIRACY (2022, Arabic language Swedish production) on Amazon Prime Video.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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