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The radius of existence- Ranjan recommends Marathi film Trijya for the week

Hailing from a village, artistically inclined Adbhut Kale works as a reporter with a Marathi-language newspaper in Pune where he is required to report and spice up mundane news. His striving for a meaningful life – he is a closet, unpublished poet – and the demands made on him from all quarters leave him exhausted till he sets off on an aimless journey. Director Akshay Indikar’s exploration of the existential crisis of his protagonist is marked by a confident craft – the cinematography is amazing and the locations are evocatively used to convey a sense of ennui. Episodic in its structure, the subject matter should not deter you from watching the film; it is interspersed with some highly witty moments and is an extremely immersive experience once you get into the rhythm.

TRIJYA (Radius, 2019, Marathi) by Akshay Indikar streaming on MUBI.

Ranjan Das is aMumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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