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Kauling cinema: Siren,on the location by Shraddha Kaul

Early morning at the location:

Weary Light Man: "True, accomodations are horrible, but I’m happy that the crew will be served great food. At least we’d have good hygienic food to look forward to." ( smiles )

Harassed Production Runner: "How so?"

Weary Light Man: ( enthusiastically ) "The main lead is an acclaimed famous actor and he always checks the quality of the food supplied on the sets and the way it's prepared. What he says goes..We call him our food inspector . ( laughs ) He eats production food too, you see…. Thank god for him. God bless him….Good.. for people like us it is good…we'll always have good quality food."

Harassed Production Runner: "Forget about him, he backed off from doing this film.. some new unknown guy is doing the lead part. So no food inspection!"

Weary Light Man: ( shocked ) “ My stomach just had a heart attack… Didn’t pack my antacids for such a long schedule.. 30 strips of antacid tablets and 5 bottles of liquid antacid. … (smirks ) I’m going to be on fire! The bile will burn my stomach lining and the expensive antacids will burn a hole in my pocket! Thinking of changing my name to ‘Siren’!"

Kauling Humor. Humor Kauls You.

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