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Road to love: Ranjan recommends Ishq this week

Out on a date at night in a borrowed car, a young couple in Kochi is mercilessly harassed for several hours by two men who claim to be cops. Let off after paying money, a crack appears in the relationship of the traumatised couple, leading to the young man’s decision to take revenge on the perpetrators that eventually gets into extremely disturbing territory…

Despite its glitches, debutant Anuraj Manohar’s ISHQ (2019, Malayalam) rises beyond the plot to tackle issues of sexual politics and moral policing without being preachy. Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal quite aptly bring out the vulnerability of the couple faced with the most harrowing experience of their young lives, but it is Shine Tom Chacko as the main offender who radiates real menace.

ISHQ once again illustrates the vibrancy of contemporary Malayalam cinema. Playing on Amazon Prime.

Ishq Trailer(Malayalam, 2019)

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