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Ranjan this weekend recommends Thomas Vinterberg's Another Round

When a group of schoolteachers, bogged down by mid-life crisis and weariness discovers that a steady 0.05 percent alcohol level in their bloodstream could lead to relaxed nerves, they readily begin to experiment with the concept in their classrooms and achieve sterling results with their hitherto bored students. Spurred on by their successes, they soon increase the limit to 0.10, but the risk of being caught by the management becomes increasingly evident as a few of them begin to overdo...

The last we had seen of Thomas Vinterberg was THE HUNT (2012), a disturbing exploration of toxic masculinity and feudal prejudices in a Danish small town (he made a couple of films since then). In his latest ANOTHER ROUND (2020) that once again stars the inimitable Mads Mikkelsen, he infuses the plot with joi-de-vivre and celebrates alcohol! Despite being a supposed comedy, the film never quite lets go of its dark undertones. An absorbing viewing.

Unfortunately, not playing on any OTT platform.

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