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Ranjan recommends Searching for the week.

A desperate father launches a search for her missing teenage daughter in Los Angeles; that’s the one-liner. But what sets this film apart from similar subjects is its depiction of the entire search through social media as the father tries to unravel her different accounts and trace her network of friends and acquaintances. Though similar attempts have been made before, where the laptop screen becomes the mode through which the plot unfolds, this film scores with its gripping screenplay and a stunner of a twist at the end. And to discover that this film has been directed by a newcomer – Anees Chaganty, a young American with his roots in Andhra Pradesh adds to the viewing experience.

SEARCHING (2018, US) pushes the boundaries of the film form with a boldness that is invigorating. Look it up on Netflix.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker and faculty.

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