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Ranjan recommends: Rose Island


n extremely talented young engineer builds a 400-square meter island off the coast of Italy, turns it into a recreational hub with a motley group, and applies for political recognition – much to the chagrin of the Italian government that can’t do anything because it lies outside its jurisdiction, i.e., beyond six nautical miles. As the island gains in popularity and the European Council begins to look sympathetically into the validity of the demand, the Italian government gears itself to destroy the aquatic idyll by any means necessary… Based on a true incident that happened in the late 1960s, it had then captured the popular imagination, shaken the Italian government and animated the media, but the entire episode was soon forgotten and wiped out from public memory till director Sidney Sibilia dug it out of oblivion and turned it into a delightful film. He incorporates the 60s rebellious mood by referencing the May 1968 students’ movement in Paris and anti-Vietnam War protests in the US and gives an anti-establishment flavour to the whole plot that has a sweet love story at its core. ROSE ISLAND (Italy, 2020) is one of the best things to happen on Netflix last year. A vibrant and endearing drama. Not to be missed.

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