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Ranjan recommends Dev Bhoomi for the weekend

Victor Banerjee plays Rahul Negi who comes back to his village in Uttarakhand from London after 40 years to walk down memories lanes before he goes blind; but his arrival opens up a can of worms from the past – and gradually, issues of gender and caste begin to play out as they did 40 years ago, which had led to his departure.

DEV BHOOMI - THE LAND OF THE GODS (2016) is a disturbing, and a visually stunning film with a leisured, yet assured pace, co-written by Banerjee along with the director – and here comes the interesting part: the director is a Serbian, Goran Paskalevic (1947-2020), considered amongst the most distinguished filmmakers of the world. His deft handling of the subject along with Victor Banerjee’s magnetic screen presence make it a worthwhile watch.

This surprise package is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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