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Ranjan recommends Argentinian film, Invisible: A cinematic tour-de-force

When a teenage girl working at a veterinary shop in Buenos Aires discovers that she has got pregnant by the owner’s middle-aged son, she struggles to figure out a way to get rid of her unborn child in a country where abortion is illegal. The camera follows the 17-year-old girl relentlessly as she goes about her mundane life that includes coping with her indifferent mother and her disinterest in school studies, interspersed with her quest to abort. The narrative is pared down to its absolute essentials and achieves a cinematic rigour that gradually sucks the viewers into its rhythm. Mora Arenillas who plays the protagonist Ely conveys the silent battle that rages inside her without much dialogue, sustaining her expression in long takes with an intensity that immediately marks her out as an immensely gifted actor.

A cinematic tour-de-force, Pablo Giogelli’s INVISIBLE (2017, Argentina) is playing on Netflix.

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