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Ranjan recommends a Mexican surprise package this week!

A colored woman is chased through the deep jungles of British Honduras bordering Mexico by her British husband and his local gunmen; when she falls in with a group of rubber plantation workers who are also on the run from their colonial master in order to sell the rubber directly to Mexican smugglers, her honour and life hang on a thread from the threat of contending forces.

Mexican director Yulene Olaizola’s TRAGIC JUNGLE (2020) invokes Mayan myths that foreshadow the perils that the desperados would have to deal with, falling victim to greed, bullets and the vagaries of the jungle. This slow burn of a haunting film, occasionally reminiscent of Herzog’s Aguirre in its tone, is a surprise package that could be lost in the mire of films playing on different OTT platforms. Look it up on Netflix.

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