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Ranjan recommends ‘200 METERS’ (2020, Palestine).

When Mustafa is denied permission to cross over to Israeli-controlled West Bank on technical grounds in order to reach a hospital where his injured son is hospitalized, he resorts to illegal travel in a taxi to travel 200 kilometers to reach a distance of 200 meters because his side of the West Bank is separated from the other side by a wall. The journey assumes harrowing proportions as he travels with his co-passengers, risking their lives and arrest by Israeli soldiers.

Debutant Ameen Nayfeh directs this political drama – because that is what it is in the guise of a road movie – with a sure hand and delivers a stinging commentary on the daily life of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

Look up 200 METERS (2020, Palestine) on Netflix.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker and faculty.

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