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Racial prejudice, drugs & thrill are at the core of this South African film recommended by Ranjan

In contemporary South Africa where corruption and murder run rife, two unscrupulous police officers who are steeped in drug dealings are called upon to investigate the brutal murder of the mayor’s niece. As the case assumes political significance, tension rises between the two cops – one is white, while the other one is black. Issues of racial prejudice which have been lurking throughout come to the fore when a black drug dealer is made a scapegoat and forced to sign a confession…

WILD IS THE WIND (2022, South Africa) by Fabian Medea charts a thriller template that many viewers may find familiar, but what raises it is the depiction of post-apartheid South Africa which is grappling with the same issues that plagued the country when Mandela was in prison; it’s a country doomed beyond redemption.

Watch it on Netflix.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty

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