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Promising Young Woman is Ranjan's recommendation for the week.

Years ago, a young medical student killed herself after being sexually harassed by her batchmates at a private party. The culprits have all graduated since, and have gone on to have promising careers. But what they are not aware of is that the young woman’s close friend (played by Carey Mulligan) – who dropped out of her medical studies after the incident, has carved out an immaculate plan to seek revenge on behalf of her dead friend. Debutant director Emerald Fennell who also wrote the screenplay of this neat thriller received the Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay for this film, and the reasons are not far to seek. The third act especially is a work of wonder.

Look up PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (2020, US) on Netflix. It is worth every bit of the Oscar that it won.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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