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Movie Memories-7: when film buff and banker Ashman Misra hugged Tom Cruise !

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Ashman Misra with Tom Cruise at the Rogue Nation London Premiere(2015).

...So, 2015, July the 19th I believe, this was a good week before Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation was released. People in this country are bit into para-social relationships from time to time and I guess I was on that hype about Tom Cruise and I was dead set on queing up at the Mission Impossible premiere and meeting Tom Cruise and getting a photo with him. Now upon getting there at about 7 in the morning I was right at the back of the queue but we were given raffle tickets; mine had a number 91 written on it. And then suddenly my number is called and this means getting to the front of the queue and meeting Tom Cruise and the entire crew! This was at the BFI IMAX, London premiere of Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise finally gets there and he comes to and shakes my hand. He is a bit confused because I don't have anything in my hand for him to sign, I immediately give the phone to this woman I was told was his sister and take a photo. I managed to get my hand around him also give him a little bear hug.

Ashman Misra with Christopher McQuarrie at the Rogue Nation London Premier (2015).

Interestingly I also meet Christopher McQuarrie, the Oscar winning screenwriter of Usual Suspects and the guy who is directing these current Mission Impossible movies. I quoted a line to him, " the greatest trick the Devil ever played..." and he said that's a line he stole. I was just kind of overjoyed. After meeting Tom Cruise it is not going to get better you know.If you watch the film after meeting these movie stars it breaks the illusion. Say what you want to about Tom Cruise's personal life, in his professional life he makes you feel you are the only person in the room that is when he is talking to you.

Ashman Misra is a London Based film buff, mathematician and a career banker.

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