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Kauling Cinema:"Michael Jackson"by Shraddha Kaul

Actor: ( eyes roll) "He's a kid wearing black sun glasses all the time. Who does he think he is? Michael Jackson!"

Well Wisher: "He's the lead of this project..and well connected. He said to the producer that you don't smile at him on sets and that you don't like him and you are intimidating.. Comon! You need to look approachable, you can't loose this part. They could replace you."

Actor: "Intimidating!?? How do I know when to smile, or catch his eye or when he's looking at me or towards me? He's always wearing black sunglasses! I can't have a smile pasted on my face ALL THE TIME! I'd look like a pervert!"

Well Wisher: " would..( thinks) Okay!! Can you have a grieving look all the time?? …Oh lord no..No not so look like a crying emoji (laughs) Just a little bit… Yes.. That way.. Yes..Stick to this! This sad look makes you more likeable, pitiable & approachable----"

Actor: " -------AND..deranged..AND psychotic--!"

Well Wisher: “---- It's better to look psychotic than look like a pervert. Look at the good side ... You'd be employed!"

Kauling Humor. Humor Kauls You.

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