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Letters That Matter:Dreyer, Ghatak, Gandhi and The Word by Amrit Gangar

Indian film scholar, historian, critic and curator, Amrit Gangar refers to two letters from Danish auteur, Carl Dreyer and Indian master, Ritwik Ghatak, thirty seven years apart, to the studio heads in their respective countries, resonating each other's beliefs and their approach to the art of cinema. Amrit, draws linkages and similarities between the two uncompromising film artists. He also draws connections across time lines and cultures by bringing in Gandhi, whom Dreyer referred to while working on his film on Jesus. It is a fascinating read where cross-cultural references are dwelled upon to bring out the world view of two of greats.

Carl Dreyer's Ordet (The Word). 1 955. Image courtesy MOMA film curator, Charles Silver's blog in 2012.

Amrit Gangar is a Mumbai based film scholar.

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