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Kauling Cinema: While crossing a road by Shraddha Kaul

Struggling Actress : " Don't call me a "struggling actress" even jokingly, please. Dukh hota hai. Feels like I’m an earthworm wriggling in the muck and someone's putting salt on me for entertainment. I am so gung-ho about every single audition. Always diligent and my perseverance shows my dedication. Chappal aur self-steem ghisaaaaaa hai maine. At least have the humanity and courtesy to say I am a dedicated actress! ”

Well wisher : " When you will achieve a highly conspicuous level of fame then you become a "dedicated actress”, till that time comes you remain a "struggling actress". Cheer up. Now let me treat you to a slice of cake made by this highly '

"dedicated' baker. "

Kauling Humor. Humor Kauls You.

Shraddha Kaul is a film and television actress in the Bollywood film and TV industry since the last 25 years and has won appreciation and multiple awards for her performance in India, London and Canada. She has seen the filmmaking process up close and personal from her time spent on the sets. Working with man and machine gives her an inside view of what filmmaking is all about. Through her writing, she hopes to capture the life, pathos and humor about the art and heartache of the movie business.

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