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Kauling Cinema: Copy edit by Shraddha Kaul.

Large white walled well lit office space. Smell of an expensive organic incense wafting through this space giving the room a spiritual feel & also taking away the smell of the fresh varnish. Optional photos for lead actresses on the shiny glass burma teak table.

Person 1: ( pointing to the photos) "She's not available…this one has taken a sabbatical from the arc lights. And this one she, she has some issues with her neck. So she can't bend her neck down. It will be difficult filming those scenes because she'd be on top in all of those scenes. She doesn't want to work with us. She didn't say why."

Person 2: "Great just when I am being bankrolled I don't have the lead!!! Can we tweak the character, make the character wear a cervical collar because of a neck issue? She looks great for the part...those lips..and teeth..those really..great---"

Person 1: "---I have white teeth, courtesy my dentist. And they are shiny white straightand FAKE! You've been in this biz for this long and you still behave like Alice in wonderland. And no you can't tweak anything, the script is final. Director is pretty thick with your bosses. Can you stop listening to your meditation thing, SHE DOESN’T WANT TO WORK WTH US. And you need to tell me why is that?? "

Person 2 : "In a while. So what about this one, she has the same face cut, if you squint your eyes she looks like her too.. We can make her look like her( pointing to the actress in the photo with the neck issue) My daughter-in- law's cosmetic surgeon is so good, extremely expensive but good. He told me once, he could make ME look like Elizabeth Taylor or Brad Pitt, me?? He thinks no end of himself and is quite annoying, but he needs to get a Nobel Prize. It's a shame he can't name his work! I offered him to bankroll this film, he said he's already neck deep with 5 big films. Wonder who auditing his accounts… Anyway making this one look like HER is a cake walk for him. They all look like each other, don’t they?...Must have gone to him only!"

( laughs away)

Person 2 : (Sighs) "Such a shame surgeons can't edit films when they can edit everything else!"

Shraddha Kaul is a Mumbai based actor

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