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For the weekend Ranjan recommends a film from Guatemala: LA LLORONA

“Why are people saying bad things about grandpa on the internet?” asks an 8-year old to her mother, triggering a query that unsettles a well-to-do family as it tries to negotiate the horrors of a genocide of indigenous Mayan people carried out by its patriarch who was an influential army general. Brought to trial 30 years after the massacre, the general is let off despite testimonies of Mayan women who were raped, sparking off nationwide protests and generating internal conflicts within the family that had tried to keep the brutal secrets under wraps all these years…

Director Jayro Bustamante uses the horror genre to ingenious effect to tell a gripping story, based on true accounts that had traumatised Guatemala in the 80s. LA LLORONA (2019) incidentally, is Guatemala’s official entry for the Best Foreign Film at this year’s Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, it is not playing on any OTT platforms.

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