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Cops on the run! This week Ranjan recommends Malayalam film, Nayattu

NAYATTU (The Hunt, 2021, Malayalam), directed by Martin Prakkat deals with three police officers who are on the run after being accused of a crime they did not commit. Maybe the character arcs could have been delineated better; maybe the dynamics between the characters on the run could have been explored deeper, especially when it involves a young woman in the team; maybe the characterisation of the main cop tracking them could have had more shades – but then it would have been a masterpiece. NAYATTU, despite all its shortcomings, brilliantly explores the condition of men and women who are used as dispensable puppets in the grand scheme of State affairs that exploit caste politics for electoral gains with the connivance of a servile police administration and manipulative media.

NAYATTU is a disturbing comment on the state of affairs that plagues our country. And of course, it continues the vibrant journey of Malayalam cinema.

Playing on Netflix.

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