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Another gem from Darbhanga is Ranjan's Recommendation for the week!

POKHAR KE DUNU PAAR (2022, Bihar) deals with a young couple who had eloped to Delhi but are forced to come back to their hometown in Darbhanga because of unemployment induced by lockdown where they take shelter in a dilapidated hostel room. While the girl (Tanaya Khan Jha), tired of the struggle wants to go back to her family, the boy (Abhinav Jha) whiles away his time with his local friends without any concrete plan. A sense of ennui pervades the entire film that is skilfully evoked by its production design, crumbling landscape, and long uninterrupted takes in mostly static shots where the players are left to improvise – and they do so with a candour that is breathtaking. Will the redemptive power of love be able to tide over the crisis?

This exquisitely layered film by Whistling Woods alumnus Parth Saurabh is perhaps the best Hindi film of the year streaming on any platform. Look it up on MUBI. 

Check out the trailer:

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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