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All that a Filipino film needs is a "Gun and a Girl"! Ranjan's recommendation for the week.

At an undisclosed location a gun is manufactured illegally to carry out the assassination of an activist by the police, an assignment that goes terribly wrong. Cut to years later, the gun changes hands till it lands with a migrant salesgirl working at a departmental store, facing abuse from different people. Director Rae Red uses the journey of the gun through chance encounters between young working-class characters of Manila to deliver a gripping film that could find resonance in any metropolis in the world.

Of special mention are the use of locations and its non-linear structure. Filipino cinema is springing up some really interesting surprises.

Look up THE GIRL AND THE GUN (2019, the Philippines) by Rae Red on Netflix. 

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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