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A masterpiece from Philippines is Ranjan Das's recommendation for the week.

Love, betrayal, and revenge form the core of this astounding film from the Philippines. Set in a Manila slum where poverty impinges upon human dignity, depravity runs riot and domestic privacy is compromised by the restriction of confined space, the film makes brilliant use of neo-realist conventions to convey its intentions and mood.

INSIANG (1976) by Filipino master Lino Brocka is a brutal film, centering around the troubled relationship of a disgruntled mother with her young daughter, which is pivoted around a ruthless, manipulative hoodlum. At 94 minutes, the screenplay moves in swift strokes without a single dull moment towards a visceral climax, followed by a big reveal. This one undoubtedly is a masterpiece.

Look up INSIANG (1976, Philippines) by Lino Brocka on MUBI.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker& faculty.

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