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A cocktail of murders, affairs & Chabrol is Ranjan's recommendation for the weekend

When a young girl is raped and killed in a small town, the suspicion falls on her art teacher who was last seen with her, giving her private tuition. Meanwhile, the struggling artist’s wife (Sandrine Bonnaire) is having an affair with a flamboyant journalist cum novelist who resides in the same town. With a curious mix of characters that people the small town, veteran master Claude Chabrol gradually unveils the idiosyncrasies of its denizens through the investigation of a female police officer who is bent on solving the murder case – till another murder rocks the town, this time of the novelist.

This is vintage Chabrol doing what he does best – turning a clinical spotlight on social mores in the guise of a murder mystery. Look up THE COLOUR OF LIES (1999) on MUBI and enjoy your weekend.

Ranjan Das is a Mumbai based filmmaker & faculty.

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